Construction Institute Events

2013 CI Student Days

San Diego, California July 31–August 3

The Construction Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (CI) has developed a student-centered conference called Student Days that has been specially designed to introduce civil engineering students to the wide variety of professional opportunities after graduation, in a richly interactive program. Since 2008, CI has sponsored more than 500 of the best and brightest engineering students to come together at Student Days with ASCE members and corporate recruiters for learning, networking and career development. 2013 CI Student Days Website.

Construction Institute Activities

CI Glossary

Are you new to construction and feeling like you're learning a new language? Check CI Glossary

Recognized Excellence in CI

Through the recognition of exceptional achievement, the Construction Institute will further advance the engineering profession and promote the increased collaboration of all individuals working within the construction industry. ASCE has a number of awards recognizing excellence in the construction industry. Please visit the CI Awards page for more information and consider submitting a nomination.

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